Ana Knoben: An Unexpected Fight

By Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

Ana Knoben
Ana Knoben

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. Just go and get checked.” – Ana Knoben

In August of last year, 34-year-old Ana Knoben noticed a lump in her breast while showering. A physician at a regional walk-in clinic ordered a mammogram and biopsy after examining it. Ana was at work when she received a call two days later informing her that the lump was cancerous.

“I went to my manager at work and said I needed to take a couple of days off to see the doctor. She said ‘OK, are you alright?’ I said ‘Yeah. I just have cancer.’ She broke down. Then I realized what was happening, and I broke down.” – Ana Knoben

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