Valerie Shupp: The Ongoing Fight against Metastatic Breast Cancer

By Drew Carr

Statesman Content Marketing

“Once I found out I was diagnosed, my husband proposed to me. We went to Vegas and got married over the weekend, and on that Monday I started chemotherapy.” – Valerie Shupp

Valerie & her daughters.

Valerie Shupp was originally diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at 27 years old. After undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy, Valerie was followed by a doctor regularly for 10 years—and even in spite of the cancer and chemotherapy, Valerie and her husband became parents to two little girls.

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Teresa Green: The Joy & Pain of Survival

By Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

October 1, 2016

Teresa Green
Teresa Green

“This life, I have realized, has been filled with much joy and a lot of sadness. This helps us evolve into, we all hope, better and more compassionate humans.” – Teresa Green

It was March of 2015 when Teresa Green attended a cancer luncheon with a friend at  a local hotel — a few hundred strong and beautiful women, all somehow connected to a cancer survivor or battling cancer themselves— and thought about how lucky and grateful she was to not be battling the disease. Two weeks later, she consulted a plastic surgeon about hardened tissue in her left breast related to an implant scar following a skiing accident. An ultrasound was ordered, followed by a biopsy, and then Teresa found herself in a waiting room listening to Pharrell’s song “Happy.” She would be informed about her Stage 2 breast cancer that day.

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