Vickie Evans— The Importance of Routine Screenings

Vickie Evans & Dr. Debra Patt

By Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

What’s so funny about cancer? For professional public speaker and improv comedienne Vickie Sokol Evans, a sense of humor and fearlessness required in performing comedy were essential to her successful fight against breast cancer.

Even though she had no family history of breast cancer or any symptoms, Vickie scheduled a mammogram in January 2017 after the unexpected passing of her mother three months earlier.

“I was too busy and too healthy to go to the doctor otherwise. Mom’s death inspired me to get my life in order a bit.”

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Sarah Martinez — Gratitude and Attitude to Conquer Cancer

By Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

Dr. Lakshm ‘Bala’ Balasubramanian, Texas Oncology

Enduring cancer twice requires more than advanced treatment and smart medical teams. It takes a community of support – caring, eager to help, and nearby.

Just ask Sarah Martinez.

Five years after a valiant and successful breast cancer fight, Sarah was charging full steam ahead with her life, working on a doctoral degree in educational leadership. Then, just five weeks after completing the fifth year of follow-up hormone treatment, Sarah discovered a lump in her armpit (axilla). She was diagnosed with Stage IIIC breast cancer in February 2017.

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Linda Cummins & Bekah Thomas – Teaming up against breast cancer on the tennis court

By Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

For many people, tennis is just a game played for recreation and exercise. But for Linda Cummins and Bekah Thomas, a day on the tennis court would provide much more — a bond that would strengthen them both during the fight that lay ahead.

In May 2017, 60-year-old Linda Cummins had a routine mammogram and learned that her doctors would need more pictures. Not alarmed, Linda agreed to additional imaging that confirmed she had breast cancer. A good friend recommended Dr. Debra Patt of Texas Oncology, who recommended an MRI with and without contrast due to the dense nature of Linda’s breast tissue. Dr. Patt compared the search for Linda’s cancer to looking for black marbles in a glass of milk. With contrast, a second malignancy was discovered and Linda was diagnosed with bilateral invasive breast cancer.

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Karen Phillips – Fighting for Life’s Milestone Moments

by Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

“Cancer changes you. You realize, once you get through it, that you’re very strong – stronger than you ever thought you were. And I know that about myself.” – Karen Phillips

When one of life’s biggest challenges coincides with one of its most important milestones, a special kind of motivation emerges. That was the situation for Karen Phillips, who was diagnosed in May of 2016 with Stage IIB, HER2-positive breast cancer after getting an MRI, following up from a routine mammogram.

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