Karen Phillips – Fighting for Life’s Milestone Moments

by Drew Carr, Statesman Content Marketing

“Cancer changes you. You realize, once you get through it, that you’re very strong – stronger than you ever thought you were. And I know that about myself.” – Karen Phillips

When one of life’s biggest challenges coincides with one of its most important milestones, a special kind of motivation emerges. That was the situation for Karen Phillips, who was diagnosed in May of 2016 with Stage IIB, HER2-positive breast cancer after getting an MRI, following up from a routine mammogram. Karen chose Texas Oncology for her care based on a friend’s positive experience with breast cancer treatment at the practice. During the 14-month battle that lay ahead, Karen would not only survive, she would enjoy her 70th birthday, celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary, inspire others with her courage and experience the power of compassion.

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