Running for His Life: Why One Cancer Patient Refuses to Give Up

Ronald Strickland slept on his son’s bedroom floor a few weeks ago. He built a pallet piled with blankets and pillows at the special request of his son, who is five years old and has never known his father without cancer.

They fell asleep together, but Ronald woke up in the morning alone.

Ronald credits his family for their support throughout his cancer journey. (Photo: Ronald Strickland)

He laughed as he recalled how he outlasted his son, who crawled back into his own bed in the middle of the night. It’s a treasured memory he’s been waiting years to create, because when you have cancer, Ronald said, the little moments in life mean the most.

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Barry Howe: Like Father, Like Son, and Like Grandfather – When Cancer is All in the Family

After fighting cancer, Barry and his wife Monica are looking forward to the future. (Photo: Barry Howe)

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but Barry Howe knows better.

He watched his father pass away from lung cancer. His grandfather died from complications due to cancer, and numerous aunts and uncles received cancer diagnoses in their lifetimes as well.

It’s devastating to watch it happen to those you love – it can feel like the sky is falling when it happens to you.

Barry’s world turned upside down in October 2004 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Three months later in January 2005, the unthinkable happened: Barry was diagnosed with a second primary cancer – thyroid cancer.

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Jana King: Cancer’s Love Language – Healing and Giving

By Drew Carr

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A cancer diagnosis and treatment regimen can mean a plenty of give and take between patients, family and friends, and a medical team. Strengthened by her faith, Jana King chose to focus on the giving.

Jana King and her husband

In 2014, one year away from retirement, Jana went to the doctor for a mammogram. It had a been few years since her last mammogram, but she was checking off the boxes to make sure she was maintaining good health in time for her retirement. In the past, Jana didn’t have much concern about small lumps she’d found in her breasts.

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Christina Duhon: Hook, Line and Sinking Cancer

Christina catches a fish on her first Casting for Recovery fly fishing retreat. (Photo: Christina Duhon)

By Drew Carr

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It’s probably safe to say that most cancer patients are not introduced to their oncologists standing waist deep in a flowing Texas Hill Country river while fly fishing. But Christina Duhon’s cancer journey is not like others.

In 2010, during her pregnancy with her second child, Christina noticed a lump in one of her breasts. Believing it was related to her pregnancy, Christina waited until after delivering her son to have the lump removed. After the surgery, she learned that the lump was cancerous and was referred to Texas Oncology, where a CT scan revealed she had stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

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