Tamara Scott: When Giving Up Isn’t an Option

Imagine you’re a 36-year-old single mother to a toddler, working full-time as a healthcare administrator by day, college student by night. You’re healthy and lead a busy lifestyle. There’s a new mammogram machine at the clinic where you work. You’re not due for your first mammogram for another four years at the age of 40 but it’s free for employees, so you go for it. Results from the mammogram were inconclusive, so you are referred for a breast ultrasound and biopsy.

Now imagine receiving a phone call after-hours from a physician at your office. It’s not about work – it’s about your test results revealing you have breast cancer, and it has spread to lymph nodes under your arm.

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From Cancer Comes Strength: Melinda Fiebig “Hearts” Inspiring Others

Some of life’s big moments stick out in our minds. For better or worse, the memories are so vivid that recalling these experiences is akin to reliving them. For Melinda Fiebig, Valentine’s Day is one of those days.

On Feb. 14, 2017, Melinda underwent a computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan that revealed she had stage III ovarian cancer. Her diagnosis was followed two weeks later by surgery to remove her uterus, cervix, both of her ovaries, appendix, part of her intestines, and the cancer cells from her abdominal lining. Melinda’s surgery lasted many hours and necessitated a longer-than-anticipated recovery in the hospital.

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Fighting Rare Cancer Leads to New Outlook on Life

Following his full recovery, Bob Baker is embracing a new, positive outlook on life. (Photo:Bob Baker)

Perspective has the power to change people. It can bring new meaning to the seemingly mundane and cultivate a newfound sense of wonder about the world around us.

For Bob Baker, a cancer diagnosis was the beginning of a long journey that ultimately led to a shift in priorities and a message to others: perspective and perseverance can make all the difference.

Viewing the world through a different lens

Bob was in his mid-40s with an active lifestyle when he began noticing changes in his health. That was in 2014. Fast-forward to 2019, and Bob has made a full recovery from a lengthy list of life-changing health issues including a rare cancer diagnosis, surgery to remove cancer-related tumors, heart surgery, and a second cancer diagnosis. Looking back on the last five years, Bob says he feels fortunate and blessed today.

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Running for His Life: Why One Cancer Patient Refuses to Give Up

Ronald Strickland slept on his son’s bedroom floor a few weeks ago. He built a pallet piled with blankets and pillows at the special request of his son, who is five years old and has never known his father without cancer.

They fell asleep together, but Ronald woke up in the morning alone.

Ronald credits his family for their support throughout his cancer journey. (Photo: Ronald Strickland)

He laughed as he recalled how he outlasted his son, who crawled back into his own bed in the middle of the night. It’s a treasured memory he’s been waiting years to create, because when you have cancer, Ronald said, the little moments in life mean the most.

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